Blogging in 2015: 80% of Your Success Will Be In Showing Up

80% of success is showing up‘ Woody Allen famously said about life. People wonder what it takes to be successful in a home business. I remember when I first started searching online for a home business, I would call people that I would find online that already had a business and I couldn’t believe that…

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How I Stick To A 20 Hour Work Week (and how you can too)

Back in 2009 I joined the Network Marketing Industry and decided that I was going to work day in and day out until I reached my income goals. If you’ve read My Story before then you know I collapsed and fell ill instead. I was working over 40 hours a week and the dream of working…

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7 Work Habits Home Business Owners Should Avoid

There are different kinds of bad work habits Home Business Owners make on a daily basis.  Some bad habits are brought forth by our lack of awareness of them. Others happen as a result of being busy and stressed at work or at home. This can lead into a tailspin of developing bad habit after…

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SEO For Dummies: 7 Ways To Turbo Charge Your Blogs Search Engine Optimization

Feeling like a dummy when you read about the importance of Search Engine Optimization and all it’s complexities? Relax my friend and know that if you are learning about SEO so you can grow your blog you are a long way from being a dummy. Since humans think in pictures let me give you a visual…

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How To Define Your Ideal Target Market

Defining your ideal target market is a must for anyone that needs others to give them something. It might be a salary, an investment or money in exchange for a product or service. One of the biggest mistakes that home business owners make in their branding is trying to appeal to everyone. It is impossible…

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